Have you ever found yourself laying in bed … 10pm, 11pm, midnight … just thinking!  What is schedule tomorrow?  Did I put that yogurt back in the frig?  Front door is locked?  Wonder if that laundry is almost done? Did I feed the dogs tonight? My husband lays down and within 30 seconds he is snoring!  How does that happen!!?? Well I was sick of my mind not shutting off.  So I went on a search and found lots of apps that claimed to help, I downloaded and tried many but this is the one I found to be easiest to use and FREE!

Right when you open the app it reads “take a deep breath” and so instictively you do!

When I started I did the 7 days of calm, they also have sleep, calming anxiety, manage stress, tons more ~ all amazing!

Then I found BODY SCAN!!  This calming voice comes on and helps you become more present from head to toe.  I assume toes … I have never been awake long enough to hear that part!  You can choose your time and it always puts me to sleep.

The next on my list were SLEEP STORIES!  Remember when you were little (or a mom reading to your child) the book would most likely put you right to sleep.  These are sleep stories for adults ~ AWESOME!  I think I should listen during the day so I know how they end?  Actually, I don’t care just love that I am finally able to calm my mind and fall asleep quickly.

You can choose a background noise like ocean, rain, fireplace or others.  They have recently updated it to add so many more ways to help you sleep or even just relax/focus!  And even have stuff for kids 🙂

Some of the options are a paid membership, which is inexpensive.  But so many options are still available for FREE ~ this is a must have app!!

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