My mom sent me this long text about a study done on migraines and a way to stop them dead in their tracks.  I thought “yes sure, whatever”.  But the next time I got a migraine I decided to give it a try… well I actually want to share it with you as a more natural idea to try!

Water (warm is better)

Lemon juice

Himalayan Salt

I would say that it is worth a try if you feel one coming on.  I did it right when it was starting and although it didn’t completely disappear, it remained just a slight annoying headache.  And no OTC so that was a plus.

Many of headaches can be attributed to dehydration and mineral and electrolyte imbalances. Himalayan crystal salt provides the body with electrolytes and over 84 different minerals (as opposed to white table salt that is 97% sodium chloride) while the water restores the body’s fluid balance.

Lemons have lots of benefits too!  Whenever I go out to eat I ask for a glass of water and side bowl of lemons!  Seriously, my friends and family laugh but I squeeze 3-4 lemon wedges in every glass I drink.  Anything to help alkalize my body!  Lemons are loaded with vitamins and can serve as a natural detoxifying agent by promoting proper liver function so that it can remove toxins from the body more efficiently, which can aid in clearing headache symptoms.  The lemon and salt mixture also helps restore the body’s natural alkaline balance, strengthens the immune system, boosts energy levels, and balances serotonin levels, which can help regulate mood.

Every time I see things that restore the body’s alkaline balance I know I have found the right products to stand behind … lemon/pink salt and my career helping people learn about the better body system which also works toward the alkaline balance!

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