I have this amazing app … AUDIBLE!  It literally reads me books!  I LOVE IT!!  Ok, so I do love to sit and read, but sometimes I just don’t have time (make time) and so this is one way I am able to feed my mind and still do my “work” like cooking and driving kids.  If my radio is on in the car it is either Life 96.5 (our local christian station) or I have some kind of book or CD leading me on how to improve my life or business.  Another thing I do is listen with ear plugs at night.  How fun to wake up and have listened to 6 hours of a book!  Now I don’t know how much I remember but I think it is somewhere in my unconscious mind 🙂

I have “read” so many books on this app that it would fill up a book shelf.  Most of them are self-help and learning how to be the best me I can be!  I can’t even imagine how many hours of books I have been able to listen to and learn from because of this amazing app: AUDIBLE!

Here are just a few, I could go on for days!!

The Magic of Thinking Big (David Schwartz) Whether you are in network marketing or not this book will teach you so much!  Love it!

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) old school but awesome!

The Dream Giver (Bruce Wilkinson) amazing quick read

Unshakeable and Money Master the Game (Tony Robbins) read by Tony!  These are great!

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster (Darren Hardy) After he spoke at our conference I had to get it and I have listented to it 3 times!

Start: Punch fear in the face (Jon Acuff)  This guy is funny!

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