In the best interest of the public we are suppose to be “social distancing” ourselves. So this would be #1 staying home and away from people. #2 if you do have to go out stay 6 feet away from others. Ok, that seems easy enough. Today I ran to store just for a couple items. As I went in it was very quiet, not many people. And the ones I saw kept there heads down and to themselves. I am from South Dakota and here people say HI, they smile, they make eye contact. But today … NOTHING … I saw people turn down my aisle and purposely turn back so not to pass me. It was weird and a bit terrifying. I don’t want to live in a world where you can’t smile at and say HI to the random shopper in your aisle! I will do what is asked of us but I hope and pray it isn’t for much longer. We need the smiles 🙂

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