I made this site for us Christian SAHMs of teens and preteens who are trying to improve our health, create meaningful relationships with God and our families, and free up time to do the things we truly enjoy!

You know that feeling, right?

  • The excitement of sending kids back to school and finally having time for yourself again!
  • The worry of them being young adults and the decisions they will be making on their own … praying that you have taught them to be strong and have good character, even when they are not with you.
  • Restarting your healthy eating and work out plan for the umpteenth time because you’ve given up so many times before!
  • On top of that we struggle with migraines that disrupt or completely stop our lives. They not only affect us but also our families. Not knowing what the trigger will be and what recital, game or event we will miss because of it.

This is the year that you are going to be the organized-got it together migraine free mom!

I promise to be here for you and to give you the exact tools you need to make this THAT YEAR for YOU! With compassionate encouragement and accountability to help you work toward getting control back.

I will also add you to a community of hope with other Christian SAHMs/wives like you trying to balance it all and stay migraine free.

Backed by years of raising my kids and suffering from migraines and now finally finding some solutions that have worked for me to live my life as a “normal” busy mom that can be there for her kids and family during the organized chaos!

Know that you are not alone and other moms, like me, have the same struggles and we can be a blessing to each other. I feel now I have more control and understanding on my migraines, and it all started by taking the first step of working on myself. Now I can focus on being there for my teens and take better care of myself too!

Our job as a mom is important but taking care of ourselves must come first so we can fill up our cups and be there for our families. When we take care of ourselves we in turn sprinkle that knowledge, happiness and positive attitude onto our children and families.

I promise to be there while we take this journey together!