Amy Rae Sagness



For all us busy mom suffering from migraines and headaches! NO MORE!!!

Suffering from migraines is not a huge factor in my life anymore! After years of suffering, trying everything, frustration and dealing with it I am happy to say they do not have a significant impact on my life any longer!

3 years ago I was introduced to another way of thinking! Balance the acidity in my body … eat healthy … exercise … relax! What?! Anything is worth a try.

So I began working out, eating better, finding ways to focus on me and relax. I have some great ideas that have worked for me and would love to share them with you! Balancing acidity was another thing I had no idea how to do or why it mattered! This is one that I didn’t realize would affect so many other things in my body, including reducing my migraines and I can tell you how I did it.

I have learned so much in my journey dealing with migraines and how I finally feel like I have a handle on them. I have researched about food and just love helping others learn what I know and passing it on to their kids and families. I want to change the world to understand what it means to eat healthy (not all this filler, processed food!)

I would love the chance to see if any of these ideas will help you too!!

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