My name is Amy Sagness. I am a wife of 18 years, a mom to a 15 year old son (who is taller then me!) and a 12 year old daughter (who has lots of personality!) and I am trying to become balanced in life and migraine free forever!

After having kids is when my problems began. Just started as headaches every once in awhile, became worse and more often after 2nd baby. I have tried daily meds, powerful meds and everything OTC, chiropractors, massages and just avoiding my “trigger”. Some worked for awhile, some made me sick and some couldn’t even touch the migraines.

I would try think about what the triggers were to avoid them … avoid being cold, hot, humid weather, driving in the dark, sitting at computers, reading too long, strenuous workouts, being too tired … I could go on and on … it was quite ridiculous the things I would have to give up! So I just dealt with them the best I could the 2-3 days a week they occurred. Dark room, no sound, ice packs, meds and try to sleep.

3 years ago I was introduced to another way of thinking! Balance the acidity in my body … eat healthy … exercise … relax! What?! Anything is worth a try.

So I began working out with a trainer, hard core! Eating Paleo, which I did strictly awhile but now just eat cleaner (not perfect) and have kept a few paleo ideas. Relax … well that is still very hard with kids and husband and house and …. but I have some great ideas that have worked for me and would love to share them with you! Balancing acidity, this is one that I didn’t realize would effect so many other things in my body (in a good way) and I can tell you how I did this later.

I have learned so much in my journey dealing with migraines and how I finally feel like I have a handle on them. I have researched about food and just love helping others learn what I know and passing it on to their kids and families. I want to change the world to understand what it means to eat healthy (not all this filler, processed food!)

I would love the chance to see if any of these ideas will help you too!!

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